We take pride in our comprehensive process, making sure that all options have been explored, researched and presented, so that in the end, you’ll have complete confidence you’re making a sound business decision. 

As a strategic partner, we invest the time and resources to develop an individualized plan that maximizes your investment, increases profitability and allows flexibility for future growth. Our in-depth approach to determining solutions based on your needs includes the following:


Capital Commercial will spend extensive time with you and your advisors learning what drives your business and how real estate impacts your bottom line. A clear real estate objective will be of great importance when Capital Commercial develops your strategic plan.


A detailed summary of available properties and market comparables will be provided to you as part of the decision-making process.  We prepare this for you based on the use of our extensive database, websites and market reconnaissance.


During this stage, we utilize the information gathered from our data collection and market research to develop your proposed strategic plan. We will perform and present several analyses’ that will assist you in making an informed decision. 


Our advisors will begin to tour selected properties with you as well as determine RFP and Offer to Purchase submissions. Capital Commercial will use its extensive experience to leverage your position in the market so that the desired results are achieved. 


Once an agreement has been reached, Capital Commercial will manage and oversee the transaction in its entirety to keep it on schedule. It’s our goal to ensure your satisfaction and exceed your expectations, every step of the way.